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Sweet Honeybee Preschool is a nature-based program inspired by Waldorf. Our preschool is comprised of mixed aged children ranging from 2.5-5 years of age. We are tucked away in a residential neighborhood in the Fremont area of Seattle.


We offer morning preschool Monday-Thursday 9:00am-1:00pm September-May and loosely follow the Seattle School district break schedule. We provide snack and tea daily, which includes whole grains, organic foods, and a variety of fresh and local fruits and vegetable. Each week, we frequent neighboring parks and green spaces on our adventure days. We host seasonal events for our preschool families to build community and connection with one another.


At Sweet Honeybee, children have the opportunity to experience a nurturing home-like environment where they can build positive social interactions, gain valuable life skills, and a strong foundation for learning. Part of our day is spent outside exploring and using sensory materials to build, create, and discover the magic of the natural world around us. Each day, we provide a familiar rhythm so that children know what to expect. We provide meaningful activities that foster a sense of purpose, connection, imagination, creativity, and wonder.



At Sweet Honeybee Preschool....

*We BELIEVE each child is a valuable contributor.

*We OFFER problem solving tools and guidance to support children in feeling successful socially.

*We ALLOW space for children to independently explore, create, and work through challenges.

*We OBSERVE children's needs and interests, and use them to guide learning.

*We let NATURE be our classroom, our teacher, and our materials.



*We invite a sense of WONDER and IMAGINATION each day.

*We share our love and appreciation of NATURE.

*We work with our hands to CREATE.

*We see children as VALUABLE guides in teaching us what they need and how they learn best.



Sweet Honeybee Preschool uses a nature-based curriculum. Our goal is to strengthen social emotional learning, support independence while still being part of a community, and to deepen children’s natural curiosity and excitement for exploration and discovery. We emphasize the importance of daily rhythms, use seasonal themes with songs, rhymes, and stories, and spend time each day outdoors activating all our senses through experiencing our environment. We playfully incorporate foundations of literacy, number sense, and STEM concepts into our daily activities.


“Play is the work of childhood.” ~ Fred Rogers

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