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Meals at Sweet Honeybee

At Sweet Honeybee Preschool, we serve a vegetarian snack and lunch with tea daily. Children take part in bread making each Friday by measuring, sifting, mixing, and kneading dough to enjoy a fresh baked loaf of bread with our meal. We offer seasonal cooking projects as well for all our children to enjoy. We change our menu seasonally. Our ingredients are organic (unless unavailable) and we incorporate whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables along with a variety of nuts and seeds.

Autumn Lunch Menu




Cheese Pizza on whole grain sandwich thins with roasted veggie tomato base




Bakes Sweet Potatoes with sour with choice of toppings




Brown rice and pinto beans with fresh tomotoes




Apple, sage and parmigiano quinoa 



Butternut squash soup served with pepitas and Sweet Honeybee fresh baked bread

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